Caldo de camarón y bagre

Caldo de camarón y bagre (catfish)
Camarón grande sin pelar /large unpeeled shrimp 2lbs
Pescado Bagre 3lbs (catfish)
Chile guajillo 6 pcs
Chile japonés 4pcs (clean all Chile and boil 8-10min, add to blender with all the below ingredients.
Tomatillo (green tomato)4pcs
Garlic cloves 4pcs
Onion 1/3
Knor chicken flavor to the taste
Blended ingredients add to a pot with 4quarts of water
Let boil
Add to boiling caldo
Potatoes 2 large
Carrots 4
Celery 4 pcs
Onion 1/3 sliced onion
Cut up all veggies to small bite size pcs
Epazote 4 stems
Let boil until veggies are tender
Add fish and shrimp last, as this cooks fast and avoid from over cooking it.
Enjoy it with corn tortilla, a little peace of lime and chopped onion when served

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